Number Theory Topics

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1. The Integers, Integer Division, Primes and Composites, and Linear Diophantine Equations

2. Modular Arithmetic, Congruences, Linear Congruences, Fermat's and Wilson's Theorem

3. The d, σ, and ϕ Functions

4. Quadratic Reciprocity

5. Binary Quadratic Forms

6. Arithmetic Functions and Dirichlet Convolutions

7. Approximation and Pell's Equation

7.1. Farey Sequences and Dirichlet's Approximation Theorem
7.2. Irrational Number Approximation
7.3. Algebraic Number Approximation
7.4. Irrational Numbers
7.5. Geometry of Numbers
7.6. Continued Fractions
7.7. Pell's Equation

8. The Prime Number Theorem

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  • 1. Elementary Number Theory (2nd Edition) by Underwood Dudley.
  • 2. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers (5th Edition) by Ivan Niven.
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