Hilbert Spaces Review
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Hilbert Spaces Review

We will now review some of the recent material regarding Hilbert Spaces.

  • On the Hilbert Spaces page we said that a Hilbert Space is an inner product space that is complete with respect to the norm induced by its inner product.
\begin{align} \quad \| k_* - h_0 \| = \inf_{k \in K} \| k - h_0 \| \end{align}
\begin{align} \quad H = M \oplus M^{\perp} \end{align}
  • That is, an algebraic complement for a closed subspace $M$ of $H$ is $M^{\perp}$.
\begin{align} \quad S^{\perp} = (\mathrm{span}(S))^{\perp} \end{align}
  • We then proved that if $H$ is a Hilbert space and $S \subseteq H$ is a closed subset of $H$ then $\mathrm{span}(S)$ is dense in $H$ if and only if $S^{\perp} = \{ 0 \}$.
  • On The Orthogonal Projection of a Hilbert Space onto a Closed Subspace page we defined a special operator. We said that if $H$ is a Hilbert space and $M \subseteq H$ is a closed subspace of $H$ so that $H = M \oplus M^{\perp}$ then the corresponding Orthogonal Projection operator is the bounded linear operator $P : H \to H$ defined for each $x = m + m'$ ($m \in M$, $m' \in M^{\perp}$) by:
\begin{align} \quad P(x) = m \end{align}
  • We then proved some properties of the orthogonal projection which are outlined in the table below.
1 $\| x^2 \| = \| P(x) \|^2 + \|(I - P)(x) \|^2$ for all $x \in H$.
2 $\| P \| = 1$.
3 $\langle P(x), y \rangle = \langle x, P(y) \rangle$ for all $x, y \in H$.
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