Archive of Math Online News

An archive of some older announcements made on the main page can be found here.

JANUARY 5TH, 2015: The "Numerical Mathematics" page was renamed to "Numerical Analysis".
DECEMBER 11TH, 2014: The site has experienced a lot of changes in the last few days! First, the Linear Algebra page has undergone a lot of overhaul aesthetically. I have tried to make all of the completed pages much sleeker by numbering theorems, providing additional details, removing some typos, and cleaning up unnecessary content. In terms of the rest of the site, I have added two new sections, the Differential Equations section and the Numerical Analysis section, both of which will get content in the coming months, so stay tune! Also, the headers on all of the pages have changed to look much more modern. I hope the changes are a plus!
DECEMBER 10TH, 2014: The Linear Algebra hub page is getting a overhaul! Plus, the Differential Equations page will be added soon and new content will be posted in the coming months!
DECEMBER 5TH, 2014: The site will be experiencing some maintenance over the next few hours, so certain pages may look a bit glitchy as I roll in some new aesthetic changes to the site! Don't fret though, the content of the site should still be accessible, though printing may not be a viable option for some pages at the time!
DECEMBER 5TH, 2014: Unfortunately the update on the "Defining The Integral and Riemann Sums" will be pushed back until later this month, as I have been extremely busy in cleaning up the Real Analysis hub page, including the addition of examples, the rewriting of certain pages, some aesthetic changes, and some fixes to minor errors!
NOVEMBER 15TH, 2014: In the Calculus section, the page, "Defining The Integral and Riemann Sums" has MANY minor errors, specifically with denoting the x-coordinate evaluated under $f$ to be $f(\frac{k(b-a)}{n})$ which is INCORRECT. Instead, it should read $f(a + \frac{k(b-a)}{n})$, and thus, all evaluated heights under $f$ has an error by $a$. All subsequent errors follow from here. These errors will be corrected in the coming few days!
SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2014: A fresh new look to the site! Lots of new pages on the way and tons of new aesthetic updates coming!
AUGUST 30TH, 2014: A lot of Calculus pages will be added in the coming days, and many will be updated with additions, error fixes, clarification, clean-up, etc… Please be patient while I set it up!
JUNE 14TH, 2014: The "Matrices" and "Vector Geometry" pages have been removed officially and merged into the "Linear Algebra" page. A lot of the older pages are going through a clean up where unnecessary content is removed or moved and new content is added!
APRIL 15TH, 2014: The Number Theory section is complete! Like the Graph Theory section, I will be adding examples here and there, and in the summer, expect to see even more number theory topics appearing!
APRIL 11TH, 2014: The Graph Theory section is finally complete! I may add/update stuff here or there and add some auxiliary pages, however, for the most part, the page is complete! Please report any errors, mistakes, or problems on any of the Graph Theory pages if you see them! Thanks!
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