About Math Online?

Math Online is a non-profit Wikidot hosted site where people from around the world can view various topics ranging from Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Analysis, etc… It's a free to access website that has thousands of pages, many colourful graphics to enhance understanding, and many worked through example questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Math Online?

There is only 1 person who runs this website - me! My identity is kept anonymous though ;)

What are your credentials?

I am currently a Master's student in pure mathematics.

Can I help contribute to Math Online?

I do not accept any contributors to Math Online. The original intent of this website is an archive of all of the math that I have learned through my undergraduate and graduate degree.

Can I become a member of Math Online?

We do not accept any members at this current time.

Can I use Math Online as a reference?

Math Online should NOT be used as a reference for professional purposes. Math Online should only be used as a supplement for learning.

What programs do you use to make the graphics on your website?

Most of the graphics made on Math Online are made on the simple program "Paint" or "Grapher".

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