What is Math Online?

Math Online is a non-profit Wikidot hosted site where people from around the world can view various topics ranging from Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Analysis, etc… It's a free to access website that has thousands of pages, many colourful graphics to enhance understanding, and many worked through example questions. The hub pages for Math Online are listed below:

calculuscolor.png differentialequationscolor.png linearalgebracolor.png abstractalgebracolor.png realanalysiscolor.png complexanalysiscolor.png topologycolor.png numericalanalysiscolor.png numbertheorycolor.png graphtheorycolor.png combinatoricscolor.png graphtheorycolor.png numbertheorycolor.png numericalanalysiscolor.png topologycolor.png complexanalysiscolor.png realanalysiscolor.png abstractalgebracolor.png linearalgebracolor.png differentialequationscolor.png calculuscolor.png
calculuscolor.png Calculus differentialequationscolor.png Differential Equations linearalgebracolor.png Linear Algebra abstractalgebracolor.png Abstract Algebra
realanalysiscolor.png Real Analysis complexanalysiscolor.png Complex Analysis topologycolor.png Topology numericalanalysiscolor.png Numerical Analysis
numbertheorycolor.png Number Theory graphtheorycolor.png Graph Theory combinatoricscolor.png Combinatorics

Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this site?

I am the only one who runs this site.

What experience and credentials do you have?

I have a bachelor's degree in science (honours mathematics). I do not have a lot of experience but I am learning more and more every day! My main intention with the notes on this site that I post is to have an easy-to-access sorting of stuff I learn as a student. That said, many proofs of theorems may be lacking detail or may be over complicated. The site is undoubtedly riddled with mistakes as well, so take every sentence with a grain of salt and try your best to spot the mistakes that I have missed!

I do not claim to be a professional mathematician, so it's important to only view Math Online as a supplementary source of information as opposed to a professionally written textbook! I emphasized, this site is NOT professional and should not be cited as such!

What programs do you use to make the graphics on this site?

For many of the graphs I use the Mac program "Grapher". I also use Mac program "Paintbrush" for many of the other simple diagrams/schematics. They are in no way professionally made!

Can I use Math Online as a resource?

You may use Math Online to supplement your learning or teaching, however, I must emphasized again that this site is NOT professionally ran and I am NOT a professional, so be certain to scope out any content for silly mistakes as I would hate for anyone to learn something incorrect because of the site!

Can I contribute to Math Online?

At this time I am not looking for any contributors or editors to the site. That said, there are a few ways in which your support can help substantially including:

  • Submitting error reports for mistakes.
  • Submitting bug reports for broken images, broken links, etc…
  • Suggesting additional content in a particular subject through the Contact Mathonline page.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License